Adamsnet-Hydra is a team of energy consultants and specialized experts who provide high level energy services


Our experience starts from 1997 when we undertake large projects of Datacenters and Installations of Magnetic Tomographers at hospitals.
In 2000 we are introduced in the field of automation with experience at more than 400 projects (hotels, office buildings, industries, smart houses).
In 2005 following the directives of European Union for energy efficiency we are completing a series of BEMS & EMS projects.
In 2010 we are introducing an innovative methodology for operational commissioning of PV installations using measurements from field portable instruments.
In 2015 we are among the little who own integrated measurement equipment (portable field instruments for implementing diagnostic methods for energy efficiency and operational safety especially to industries, hotels and office buildings.
In 2020 we are the most experienced energy consultants in Greece and Cyprus.


The 5 basic sectors where we are activated:

  • Energy Consulting
  • Energy Management
  • Measurements
  • Automation
  • Smart Grids & NZEB


Our vision is the continuous adaptation to the technological challenges and innovations that have as target the reduction of energy consumption as well as the use of alternative techniques that reduce the carbon footprint of large enterprises and lead to energy transition for autarky and sustainability. Our target is the transfer of experience and know how to new engineer’s generations and scientists that seek to share our vision with us.